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April 14, 2021 1 min read

Irina Velman is a very special artist to us. As soon as we receive a delivery of her art it immediately fills us with joy! Shortly after it has the same effect on our customers as they enter a store buzzing with colour and light. We want you to experience this too which is why we have decided to feature Irina Velman as our primary artist in our window displays this month. We all need a right good pick me up and a dose of Irina is just the cure. Don't miss out on these wonderful pieces as they will sell fast, each store has a unique selection of framed and large format prints. Speaking of not missing out, please see below for our newly published opening hours. We can not wait to see you in store for some art inspired cheer.
Artist Irina Velman
Irina Velman NZ Native Bird Landscape Art