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April 14, 2021 1 min read

When we first saw Colonial Villa it was captivation at first sight. Four striking birds perch confidently atop a perfectly miniature villa...or are the birds giants? The longer you look the more detail you see and the bigger the story becomes in your head, all the while being drawn in by that dark black pool. We love how your reflection bounces back at you every now an again, breaking the spell!  
As you can tell we are pretty besotted by Barry's art works. Our stores have received a fresh delivery of stunning framed and unframed pieces ready to grace the walls of your home. Its time to shrug off the drab of 2020 and refresh your living spaces with something truly elegant. Oh by the way, these pieces like many items in our stores are very limited. Don't linger too long if you love it.
Barry is a lover of New Zealand wildlife and an incredibly talented artist. He spends most of his days in a small room with his music playing and a pencil or a brush in hand - scribbling out ideas in charcoal and paint. Barry is involved in Pest Free NZ and his art reflects many important ideas like conservation, the rising waters and habitat destruction. All of our pieces are printed, matted and framed courtesy of the artist himself. This means our range of Barry Ross prints and framed artworks are of the highest quality and reproduced to the artists own meticulous standards.
Barry Ross Smith Artist