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April 14, 2021 1 min read

Our native winged friends have offered creative inspiration to many of our makers and designers. It is wonderful to see how individual these expressions are and we love how each artist manages to capture the essence of our native birds while maintaining their own special aesthetic. Greg Straight's delightful range of summer birds does exactly this! We cant help but describe them as wee jewels with their sweet faces and charming floral settings.
For the past few years Greg has been in-demand creating custom illustrations for a range of high profile clients including Meridian, TVNZ and Tip-Top...and has even produced exclusive ranges for us at here at Creative & Brave. As a former graduate from Elam School of Fine Arts (majored in print making), he has followed a varied career in visual arts and has spent time based in London and in New Zealand. In recent years Greg’s work has become recognizable for its strong graphic edge and use of bright hues. Greg’s imagery draws inspiration from NZ nature and from the infinite images in his mind.