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April 14, 2021 1 min read

We can hand on heart say that Metal Bird is the most exciting locally made gift we have seen this year. The new bird feeder is a stroke of genius and completely adorable! We recommend this item as our number 1 gift idea.
Phil Walters is the clever and very brave man behind these delightful creations. Like many of us Phil has faced heartache and loss. His lovely wife and inspiration for the Metal Bird phenomenon passed away from cancer and wasn't able to see the brilliant business Phil has created from his garage and two hands. Metal Bird kept Phil busy during hard times and determined to maintain his full time artistic passion while raising a family, as his wife had. We are beyond thrilled to support Phil and his family of creatives working behind Metal Bird. Phil's birds are elegant, forever lasting and interactive, we know they will continue to delight from day one and every day onward as they age and rust artfully in your chosen outdoor space.
Want to see more about Metal Bird? See Phil on Seven Sharp HERE