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April 14, 2021 2 min read

To celebrate International Women’s Day we wanted to take a closer look at one of our talented artists Angie Dennis and specifically her wonderful relationship with her daughter. Angie Dennis is an artist who has been a part of our whanau for many years now. When she first joined Creative & Brave her children were just wee ones and we have been privileged to follow alongside Angie as her artistic career and family have both grown and flourished.
Angie’s most recent series of paintings explored themes around the importance of mental and emotional wellbeing for women. Her images contained personal symbols and hidden phrases that pointed to moments in her life where these themes came to the fore. 
“Nurture You” is a painting that really encapsulated the heart of Angie’s message. In this image a serene woman bathes in flowers, holding her hand to her heart. It is both peaceful and celebratory. “Nurture You” was a technical challenge for Angie as it was one of the first times she explored the human figure in painting. Luckily her beautiful daughter Chloe was available to sit for Angie as she explored this uncharted territory. 
This isn't the first time Chloe has been an inspiration to her Mother. Angie often speaks of Chloe and their treasured bond. Chloe also cherishes her close friendship with her Mum and talks about how Angie’s works have inspired her to look within and make daily efforts to nurture her well being. She also made the most of lock-down to spend quality time with her family, often chatting about themes that feature in Angie’s works.
Chloe happily “shares Mum with her art” and has known Angie as an artist her whole life. Her first memories of Angie as an artist are of “Mum in the garage” which makes us laugh. To those who don't know Angie’s studio was run out of her garage for many years. Some of the most treasured art pieces in their home are two paper Fantails (pictured) the kids made with Angie when they were both very small. The Fantails sit proudly in their lounge alongside Angie’s exquisite original paintings.
Chloe has a creative eye and just like her Mum she is talented in both natural sciences and the arts. Chloe’s year 11-12 paintings incorporate people and the community. She is also a budding photographer and all the photography used in this story was produced by Chloe.
We are in total admiration of these two talented and inspiring women and couldn't think of a more fitting duo to celebrate International Women’s Day with us. We are thrilled to have Angie Dennis on board at Creative & Brave and stock a wonderful selection of her prints and accessories. We are also very excited to see what the future holds for Chloe and wish her all the best the world could offer on her journey.
Artist Angie Dennis And Daughter Chloe
Angie Dennis Artist StudioChloe Fernley
Our story is Photographed by Chloe Fernley.