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Throat Chakra Earrings - Silver

Located in the throat area, the Throat Chakra is responsible for our ability to communicate and express ourselves. It is associated with the colour blue and the element of ether.

Wearing or meditating with Cloud Nine Chakra Jewellery can help to clear, align, heal and maintain a healthy Throat Chakra, supporting you to tap into your authentic voice and speak your truth.

Charm size 15 x 9mm

10 x 7mm stones

Amazonite: truth, harmony, communication

Sterling silver


Cloud Nine Jewels - Lee Sinclair

Lee is the woman behind Cloud Nine - where her love for jewels and beautiful things was sparked by her Nana, who used to take her crystal shopping when she was young, and would always let her choose different gemstones to turn into jewellery. “I would always feel so proud, wearing my newest creation and learning about the meanings behind each stone.” Lee still loves creating jewellery and choosing crystals - she designs each piece from home in rural Canterbury where she is based with her family. At Cloud Nine, the aim is to create jewellery to uplift and inspire people, each little treasure is to help you embrace yourself, because that’s where the magic happens!