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"Roots and Wings" A3 Print - Angie Dennis

Angie’s newest original pieces for 2022 incorporate some familiar elements, however with a slight surrealist lilt inspired by the Belgian artist René Magritte. Windows are prominently featured in many of the pieces, creating a sense of space and contemplation. As always, the bird represents the storyteller, and the flowers all have their own meanings. From Angie: “It always fascinates me how each person can interpret artwork in a different way, with this knowledge my artwork aims to inspire you the viewer and I hope you may find a personal connection with one or more of my creations!


Roots & Wings - "I’m an avid listener of podcasts when I’m creating! I came across this saying listening to a show about raising your children. As I watch my teenagers become more and more independent each day the saying resonated so much with me. You provide your children roots to grow and wings to fly. The fantail is flying out of the window but still remains tied to its home, the roots through the foliage, the Lilies represent love and compassion, and a tulip and rose represents our family’s Welsh and English heritage."


Measurements: A3 Print - 41 x 29 cm 

Media: Fine Art Print, 100% archival cotton paper, UV Light Fast Inks 


Angie Dennis

Vibrant, detailed and beautiful celebrations of Aoteroa, Angie Dennis’ works are immediately recognisable and well loved here at Creative & Brave. Originally from the UK, Angie has lived in NZ since 1998 and not long after, began her creative journey - now painting professionally since 2002. Her initial background being in environmental science, is clear through her talent for showcasing indigenous flora and fauna in a lot of her works. Angie is completely self-taught - having experimented in a range of different styles and like so many of our other creatives, her journey began at home, starting a studio in her garage and doing everything herself, from printing to framing - now having relocated to a studio space in Auckland she continues to create beautiful collections we are so pleased to share.