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Kereru Feather Necklace - Handpainted Silver

New Zealand's native Kereru (New Zealand Wood Pigeon) wear white plumage `vests'.  The rest of their feathers are brilliantly rainbow coloured in green, blue, purple, orange and gold iridescent hues.  Kereru make a distinctive heavy wing beating sound as they fly through New Zealand forests, foraging for native berries.

Sterling silver feather (3cm long), handpainted with porcelain paint in iridescent greens and blue, with a white koru curl.  Suspended from a fine 45cm sterling silver chain, with a 5cm extender.

Each feather is individually handpainted, so no two are identical.  Each necklace is one of a kind.

Lily Griffin

A love for Aotearoa is the primary inspiration behind Nicki’s beautiful pieces -  “I feel very lucky to have been born in New Zealand.  I remember long lazy school holidays camping in Oakura Bay and Mangawhai Heads, making daisy and buttercup chains, investigating beach rock pools, and going on bush walks through native forests”. Nicki started creating jewellery in 2013, wanting to evoke these memories in her work, and with a background in painting and sculpture, she experimented with porcelain paint and sculpting fine silver. Being totally self-taught meant lots of researching techniques and testing ideas - helping the pieces come to life through handcrafting! All of this is done at her small studio in Auckland, overlooking the family courtyard garden, where Nicki works in between looking after her children; Lily and Griffin.