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Mussel Shell Necklace - Handpainted Silver

Sterling silver shell (1.4x0.8cm), handpainted with iridescent porcelain paint in blues, greens and greys. Suspended from a 45cm fine sterling silver chain, with a 5cm extender. Each shell is individually handpainted, so no two shells are the same. 

lily griffin

Nicki Cliff is the creative force behind Lily Griffin Jewellery. Lily Griffin jewellery is designed and handcrafted by Nicki in her tiny studio at home in Auckland. Her gorgeous range is named after her energetic and expressive children, Lily and Griffin. Incredibly Nicki is a self taught jeweller. She models designs in fine silver and then casts them in sterling silver, adding touches of colour to some pieces with porcelain paint. We love her pieces for their delicate beauty and the fact that every piece is painstakingly handmade, her attention to detail is evident in each petal and every tiny brush stroke.