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Metal Bird - Tūī Twosome

Male Tūī perch in circles to out-sing each other in ‘song battles’ – and with two voice boxes each we’re talking the NZSO of birdsong, here – while females sit on the outside waiting to be impressed. They also perform ‘the trill’, a special high-frequency sexy song which the females apparently find a complete turn-on. Want a symbol of love for your garden? Two Tūī, Tūī-gether forever, oughta do it.


The gorgeous pair measure 26.5cm high and 46cm wide, including the measurement of the branch/spike. Metal Birds can be easily installed with just the tap of a hammer, and are crafted with 3mmCorten® steel, designed to rust into a beautiful patina. The Tūī Twosome pair are the perfect gift for your one and only!


Metalbird is the brainchild of Phil Walters, an industrial designer and lover of street art and New Zealand’s native flora and fauna.

His handcrafted artworks bring together his passions: the tough, 3mm Corten® steel and stencil design, a nod to his urban art roots. The birds are inspired by the mysterious, satirical street artist Banksy – the stencils look as if street art has turned 3D.

Metalbird started as a guerrilla street art project. All over New Zealand’s North Island, more than 40 life-sized, Metalbird stencils appeared. In parks, in fences and on power poles – anywhere you’d least expect. And people loved them.

"Our designs represent some of New Zealand’s most precious birdlife. Art isn’t just something you see on a gallery wall – it can be the way the light shines through a coloured window or the splash of spray-paint on a city overpass. Art can be something you see, hear, taste or touch. But most of all, it’s something you experience – bringing with it memories and emotions"

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Sandra J.
A winner!

We live in Queenstown with tūīs on our deck! So this was the perfect choice for my 10 th anniversary gift for my gorgeous and smart husband! (Tin, aluminium oh and diamonds!) he loved it!! Perfect!