"The Garden" Matted Print - Barry Ross Smith

It’s title, The Garden, denotes a manicured, planned space where only the beautiful is cultivated. Within this environment stands a single Pohutukawa tree surrounded by a circle of vegetation on a small round plain. This sole tree holds twelve native birds, each representing the hours of a clock. In the center stands the Tui, the poster child of the New Zealand forest. All content revolves around his tuft of white feathers, which holds the center position of the entire composition. Under the shade of the tree rests a contraption; the time traveling device from the 1960 movie The Time Machine. It is passive and out of place within these manicured grounds as if it has just arrived. Linked to this oddity and the other representations of time, is the only bird flying - an extinct Huia. With advances in cloning and genetic reconstruction, resurrecting long-gone species like the Huia could become a reality. We are on the cusp of being able to distort and control time through the de-extinction of what was once lost to us.