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Matted Print - Little Ray of Sunshine - Jane Crisp

Image Vault have been working in the art industry for over 70 years, using their knowledge of fine art to produce high quality art prints. Based in Christchurch - their products are manufactured on site by an experienced team, and as a proud Kiwi business they publish a variety of local artists. Each piece is printed from high quality digital files taken from the original work, and using a wide variety of media, they tailor their process to each style of artwork.


Mini Print with white Mat board 
Measurements: full size - 35 x 27.5 cm, print - 18 x 18 cm


Jane Crisp 

Now based in rural Waikato, Jane Crisp is originally from Auckland - and creates some of our most recognisable, well loved pieces featuring an array of Aotearoa’s native flora and fauna. “The interconnectivity of the natural world is what captivates me. I do not paint actual scenes or situations as a photographic camera would capture, rather, I paint an exploration of metaphysical realism from my perspective. I play with portraiture, placing New Zealand’s native birds upon pedestals; I admire their wisdom and integrity through the legends which have been told.” Working predominantly in acrylic on canvas, you can see the fine tuned details, and gentle brush strokes in all of Jane’s pieces - to a degree that they are oftentimes mistaken for photographs.