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Lily Earrings

The lily has always been the symbol of spirituality, lasting unions and maternity. For this reason, lilies are a popular choice for bridal bouquets.

In the Middle Ages, the lily became associated with the Virgin Mary. Paintings of the Annunciation – the announcement by the archangel Gabriel to Mary that she would conceive and be the mother of Jesus – often depict Gabriel giving the blessed Virgin Mary a lily, in honour of her purity.


Metal: Sterling silver

Measurement: Petal 9.8 mm x 15 mm, stem 25.5 mm

Finish: Satin finished petal, polished stem


MJ Paik was born in South Korea where she studied fine art and design. During her studies she travelled to New Zealand, where she fell in love with the beautiful landscape and lifestyle. Determined to return, she booked a one way ticket to Aotearoa to make it her new home. Here she trained at Peter Minturn Goldsmith School in Auckland. Winter in July jewellery is handcrafted using centuries-old traditional fabrication and lost wax casting techniques. The source of inspiration for Winter in July jewellery is MJ's love of nature and animals. She aims to create pieces that bring joy to the wearer as if they are in a beautiful forest, garden or by the sea.