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Volcano Incense Burner - Lava Ceramics

Perfect for any volcanologists in your life ! These gorgeous clay volcanoes are handmade incense burners, but also just a cool little piece of ceramic art too .

Similar to Cari's Ghosts, they sit over a small disc that houses the incense cone, and so the smoke will trail out the top of the volcano. Each volcano is hand scuplted, so will differ slightly from the pictures. They are a textured black clay all over, and have a lava glaze painted at the top for a pop of colour.  



incense disc/plate - diameter: 4cm (each volcano disc is a textured black clay, with a wee red/orange dot of lava in the centre). 
volcano -  base diameter: 7 - 8 cm , height - approx 6 - 7.5 cm  

*due to the tapered shape and angles of the volcanoes, each one is a different shape and size . some can have a larger base than others  


Lava Ceramics by Cari Quinn 

Cari Quinn is the one woman show behind Lava Ceramics, everything is created in her cosy studio at home in South New Brighton, Christchurch. Everything is made totally by hand, rather than using a pottery wheel. “As long as I can remember I’ve been happiest while I’m being creative.  It took me until my 40’s to discover clay. Once I did, there was no going back…” Inspired by the (very diverse!) amount of animals at home; she started sculpting her rescue dog, then the rabbits, and now has a full pack from badgers to chickens ! Cari’s main inspiration comes from nature and living creatures - in particular their unique characters.