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Zoë’s Kawakawa Balm

Zoë’s Kawakawa Balm is made in New Zealand, and features our very beneficial Kawakawa plant. Kawakawa is known (and loved) for it's beneficial properties such as reducing irritation and inflammation, healing and soothing. 


Size: 60ml

This balm can be used to heal and soothe a number of different conditions, such as:

  • Sunburn Treatment
  • Nappy Barrier Cream
  • Tattoo Moisturiser
  • Cuts & Bruises
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis

It is also used as a facial moisturiser, hand cream, insect repellent, and for insect bite relief. 


Zoë’s Kawakawa Balm is natural, as can be seen in the list of ingredients below:

  • Kawakawa
  • Infused Olive Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Shea Butter


Zoë’s Kawakawa for Moana Road 

Beginning in 2012 .. originating as a science project at Palmerston North Intermediate when Zoë was 12, and now 10 years on her products are all over Aotearoa. Totally family owned and operated, the team is committed to quality handmade products made from the high quality ingredients. Kawakawa is indigenous to Aotearoa and a very treasured plant, used in rongoa (Māori medicine), for spiritual and physical healing - it is antimicrobial and anti inflammatory.
Zoë’s products are a result of six years of in-depth science and technology with experts working through multiple extraction methods; oil infusion, hydro distillation, and alcohol tincture as well as testing and analysis.
Zoë’s Kawakawa exists to promote sustainability, prevent harmful chemical usage and back meaningful change in communities. Their products are sustainable, safe and 100% natural to protect and heal. -  “We are a tangata tiriti rōpū committed to tautoko rangatahi and kaupapa Māori within Manawatū.