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Dancer Earrings

Figurine capturing the lightness, grace and motion of a dancing figure.  Cast in recycled solid Sterling Silver  with recycled Sterling Silver hooks.

Figure length: 26mm (1 in), Hook length: 15mm (0.6 in)


StoneArrow by Nick Feint

Established by Nick Feint about 25 years ago, StoneArrow is a homegrown, artisan business that produces jewellery inspired by the beauty of nature here in Aotearoa. Nick is self taught, and after finishing a business degree realised he wanted to flex those creative muscles full time. The company has developed their ethics and grown their range, while working hard to maintain an environmentally friendly and sustainable business model, creating unique jewellery by using completely second hand materials. Continually inspired by their beautiful surroundings at their Golden Bay workshop (after setting up in Takaka in 2000), they continue to create innovative designs that we are so pleased to support for their beauty and story ! There is so much more to the Stone Arrow ethos and process, so if you want to have a peek behind the scenes please click here!