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Crocodile Necklace

This eye catching Crocodile head is cast in brass and has a spring loaded jaw so he can CHOMP! One of the most dangerous and ancient beasties on the planet the Croc is uniquely designed to be the ultimate hunter. They look like a remnant of the Dinosaur age and those teeth can send shivers down your spine...

The Croc measures about 5cm and hangs on a 75cm chain

Nick Von K, Auckland

All of Nick Von K's pieces are cleverly designed and beautifully assembled here in New Zealand. He runs a studio / workshop from the eclectic Lagonda Arcade on Auckland's Karangahape Rd. Nick Von K’s collections are works of alchemy, distilling the ethereal and imagined into solid pieces of unearthly beauty, fusing a rock’n’roll heart with an elegant soul. There is a playful humour running through the designs, sometimes with a knowingly dark edge.