Big Flower Bouquet Necklace


Metal: Sterling silver

Measurement: Flower bouquet 22.5 mm x 22.5 mm, chain 50 cm

Finish: Satin finish for rose and daisy petals, polished finish for daisy centres and forget-me-not flowers.


Flower bouquets have a long history throughout the world. In ancient Egypt, they were use to ease the passage of the dead to the afterlife. In ancient Greece, they were given to women to appreciate their beauty. To ancient Romans, floral arrangements were a symbol of a lavish luxury. The Romans decorated their rooms with rose petals or saffron blossoms. The tradition of the bridal bouquet started during the Renaissance.


In the 17th century, the flower bouquet was stylised as an art form of the ephemeral. Fresh flowers signified beauty and decay at the same time. Cut flowers were considered to be the emblem of vitality and a sign of mortality. Withered bouquets and freshly blooming sprays developed into one of the most important aesthetic principles in baroque still lifes.


The big flower bouquet features forget-me-not flowers, daisies, and a rose. The meaning of each flower is remembrance and good memories; innocence and new beginning; red rose, "the lover's rose", means enduring passion; white rose, humility and innocence; yellow rose, friendship and joy; pink rose, gratitude and admiration.