Beautifully constructed face masks with a hint of fun. All Stitched masks meet all the guidelines set out by the New Zealand ministry of Health and meet very high standards for customers in terms of construction and comfort. All Stitched masks come pre washed and sealed. They also come with a pamphlet on aftercare and more Information about their construction. All Stitched masks are 100% NZ made. These lovely masks have been worn by many Creative & brave staff members since the 2020 lockdown and they remain comfortable and good as new. All masks are made with care and love by local school girl and young entrepreneur Lanah Harlick (with her handy sidekick & mother Jackie). Please note measurements and pattern placement can vary very slightly between each mask due to the handmade nature. Unfortunately no guarantees can be given with regard to pattern placement.


Customer testimonial for the Stitched mask with glasses:

"I have one of these masks and they are great with my glasses because they have a high bridge, the bridge is high enough that I wear my glasses over the bridge and it pinches the material down which stops fogging. The material is thicker than the disposable masks but the mask is roomy enough to give breathing room and not suffocate. Also the elastic is adjustable, this is the thing that can be a problem with face masks suffocating as the elastic pulls it too tight to the face. I would suggest those with glasses purchase the large as I did so it isn't claustrophobic. The fuller coverage of the mask makes up for the fact that you dont have to wear it too tightly. These are just my observations ;0)."