Nicky Cliff is the wonderful jeweller behind our Lily Griffin brand...named after her two gorgeous children Lily and Griffin. We are thrilled to exclusively release this range to the public and think these pieces will become heirlooms for the future.

"My inspiration came from looking at the stars with the kids before bed- the Southern Cross can always be seen from the window.  My son Griff loves spotting stars, and is in love with the moon!

I've been wanting to do a design around the Southern Cross for ages, but it's hard to do something that hasn't been done before.  I started off playing around with some scrap sterling that I had from previous designs- flowers at either end of a stick- hammered them, and then filed them into stars.  Most of my designs come about from playing with silver clay or scraps of sterling silver!  

For the starstruck pieces, my inspiration came from an old silk kimono design (Ooshima Tsumugi) that was in the shape of a crescent moon (looks like leaves). I lived in Japan a long time ago, and love the simplicity of their designs.  I hand filed a handful of teeny tiny stars (just about killed my fingers in the process), then soldered them into a crescent shape. "

We at Creative & Brave are delighted to share these pieces with you. The Southern Cross is like a locator beacon for us Kiwi's, it is almost etched into our souls, our compass home. Nicky has done a beautiful job of celebrating this special constellation in a contemporary and unique way, we adore it all.