Table settings are a fun way to express your creativity...and impress dinner guests! We believe keeping it simple is the key, not only for an uncluttered and personal feel but also to ensure a fuss free evening for you. Creative & Brave have an excellent range of colourful and imaginative placemats and coasters to add a little bit of extra texture, but on top of this all you really need are a few additional elements.


A clean and simple table cloth will elevate the feel of your dining table and also allow the settings and additional elements to really pop. If you are feeling inspired and want more texture you could lay a strip of beautiful material or even wrapping paper down the center as a runner. This will also delineate the space and create a fun runway for little displays. 


There is no need to get fixated on matching cutlery or fine silver, instead opt for mix and match cutlery and crockery. This is a nice way to create an instantly casual feel.


Give your guests space to move and enjoy their meals by focusing the bulk of your creative additions to the center of the table. Keeping in mind however that centerpieces should be low enough for guests to see each other clearly and easily chat across the table.

A practical way to save space on the main table is to have a smaller table or serving cart close by to hold bottles of jugs of water, extra drinks and even condiments.


Look no further than your back yard and nature to decorate and add final touches. Small vases of garden flowers, sprigs of rosemary and pohutakawa blooms lend themselves to a simple yet elegant theme and will compliment our delightful coasters and placemats.

A final touch of copper fairy lights will set the mood with twinkling soft light. Ensure you dim the main lights.