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March 21, 2022 2 min read

Happy World Pottery Day! We are delighted to share this day with you and our amazing potters and ceramicists. Handmade, lifelong treasures in the form of pottery have always been a focal point for us at Creative & Brave. We love relishing in the process and time that making pottery involves, and are constantly amazed at how the final products turn out. Pieces made in this way are so, so special. They exude character and quirk and transform the special places they end up in, no matter how small. 

Join us in marvelling over some of our favourite dreamy creations.


Borrowed Earth

Bright, vibrant and full of individuality and character - Adele and Richie at Borrowed Earth have built a New Zealand brand of difference. With a commitment to creating handmade ceramics that will later on become treasured family pieces. They view the world in a unique way, which we can see translated through their stunning creations. 



Steiner ceramics is run by Bob Steiner, a renowned New Zealand ceramicist and potter based in Auckland. Ranging from contemporary to Pacific inspired pieces, Bob encapsulates New Zealand’s unique environment through his striking pieces. These have quickly become collectibles for so many, which he adds to each year through new collection pieces.



Kairava has had a successful career over the past 40 years as a teacher and artist in ceramic design. Participation in exhibitions has seen her success take greater heights with the winning of prestigious ceramic awards. With such an established background behind her, Kairava has been able to open her West Auckland studio to students interested in pottery and clay sculpting. Inspiration from the allure of the West Coast can be seen through her creative pieces.


The Monster Company

Karla Stevenson is the woman behind The Monster Company, after initially beginning her journey with friends. Located in Raglan, Karla puts her creative mind to work by creating new and exclusive ceramic pieces. Her talent doesn’t stop there however, as she is always looking for ways to tweak, change or improve on her more familiar works. The Monster Company is well known and well loved at Creative & Brave. 


Painted Pacific Pottery

Creatively using flecks of black sand from Muriwai beach to create heirloom style pottery, Chrissie and Charlie Seakins are the minds behind the well established brand Painted Pacific Pottery. Based in Northcote Point in Auckland, the pair have been creating unique ceramic work for over 30 years. All pieces are finished with a satin glaze, ensuring they are robust enough for everyday use.


From your friends at C&B x