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March 10, 2022 2 min read

Sophie Holt - Studio Soph
Studio Soph is run by Sophie Holt; a New Zealand-born artist who was raised in the Netherlands and returned to her roots after falling in love with the country during a backpacking adventure. There she is part of an organisation called The Little Beehive Co-op, where a team of creatives share a gallery and shop space.

What has surprised you the most so far on your creative journey?

I think seeing my progress, looking back to artwork from years ago compared to now. I hope in years to come it has changed again!


Who inspired you to fulfil your creative journey- what was your initial inspiring moment?

I grew up surrounded by art, both my mum's parents and my mum are artists. My granddad had a pottery in Utrecht, The Netherlands and my Mum is a ceramicist and exhibited her art all over the country. There wasn't a particular moment as such but I have always loved making illustrations and when I was like 17 years old I started selling my art in the shape of illustrated shirts and I remember it felt so good that people paid for my artwork and thought- this is the most awesome experience! I'm 34 now and am still doing it.


What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your journey thus far and how have you overcome them?

Self doubt and comparing your art to all the beautiful artists and their art you see on social media. You only see the artist's best work, and not the art that never made it onto Instagram. I had to get used to that when I started sharing my art online.


What advice would you give to budding young creatives?

Know your worth- charge the right amount for the time you put into your art. And doing a small business course is very helpful, they cover everything you need to know when you start a business. You'll be wearing a lot of 'hats' being your own boss.


In light of International Women’s Day, what female creative has inspired you to follow or carry out this passion, or maybe inspired some of the work you have created?

100% that would be my Mum! Not just because she is my family, but because she is my biggest inspiration. She has always followed her passion to create even if it wasn't always easy. It inspired me by learning that it is possible to make art your job, I'm forever grateful for that.