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October 02, 2018 2 min read



We have always felt that Texan Art Schools was a bit confusing for our customers, especially those just getting to know us; what did we have to do with Texas or Texans?!? Were we a school?? Or did we sell art supplies??

However, it wasn't easy to find a new name for such an iconic business that's been around for so long, we really wanted to find the right name.

So we've spent some time this year really thinking over what we do and who we represent and we're changing from Texan Art Schools to become…


Rest assured it's just our name that's changing, nothing else. Same owners, same awesome staff, same stores and definitely still the same amazing artists, designers, jewellers and ceramicists.

My vision for Creative & Brave involves it being a business for social good. The products we sell each have a story and a person behind them and I want those stories to be told and shared with our customers.

For me, I see a face and a person behind each product we sell. I personally know the artist, designer, jeweller, ceramicist or supplier. I've been to many of their homes or their studios, which are often in their backyards. They are always such talented and welcoming Kiwi’s. They are amazing people who have a passion to do something creative and who have been brave enough to follow their dreams and make a living out of it.

They inspire us!

We are a little chain of retail stores that care about our customers and we care about our artists and makers. We love connecting our customers to our creatives to create raving fans! By growing our community of raving fans for NZ creativity, we are helping to grow our artists and makers, allowing them to make a living from what they are passionate about.

Growing our community of raving fans for NZ creativity also enables us to be involved in more projects that give back to our community.

We invite you to become a part of our journey and follow your dreams, be creative and brave.