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June 20, 2018 2 min read

We have long wanted to share more of our artist stories with you and are pleased to announce the start of our Studio Visits segment! Working a long side talented local makers and designers is such a privilege, hearing their stories, watching them grow and retailing their products is a delight.

Our Studio Visits are a way for us to bring you into this world, because your support is what allows us to do what we do. Artists and small businesses alike. We hope to show you behind the scenes but in a more in depth and personal way and ultimately give you insight into the lives and businesses you are helping to grow.

Each month we visit one of our local stockists for a little tour of their space a cuppa tea and a good old catch up. Sharing these moments with you will be a pleasure and we hope you follow along with us as we do. With a little mix of photography, video and storytelling we will capture little windows into our maker's creative spaces…where all the magic happens. 

We started our journey with a most creative and enduring couple, Chrissie and Charlie Seakins from Painted Pacific Pottery. Their studio space is as inspiring and charming as the couple themselves. 

Tucked away in a sunny and peaceful spot on Auckland’s North shore is the Painted Pacific Pottery studio. During their 40 years at this location, Charlie and Chrissy Seakins have built a thriving creative business and established a beautiful family home where they once raised their children and now entertain their grandchildren.

On entering their backyard studio (a space resembling a village of tiny connected buildings) you are overcome by a sense of wonder. These self renovated studios house a small display area, a kiln room, drying rooms and a lovely sun lit workshop. We loved the charm of it all from Charlie’s self constructed jigger machines through to the ceramic dishes drying on window sills like cooling apple pies. Read more..

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