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September 09, 2020 1 min read

Hello friends, 

Over the passed 30 years we have represented hundreds of Aotearoa's most talented creatives. From makers of centerpiece cast iron mirrors in the 90's to the fine and ornate photography of Lucy Gauntlett now, we have seen it all and loved every moment of it. Today we are celebrating our newest artist Bonnie Fraser.

We are thrilled to have this talented young lady on board at Creative & Brave. Like many of our artists she is based in Aucklands Waitakere, a beautiful and inspiring place to live for any artist with a passion for capturing our native birds.

“I am an artist from Waitakere, and I paint birds wearing uniforms to suit their plumage and personalities. I have paintings in homes throughout New Zealand and internationally.  Starting at age eleven I sold my first painting to the headmaster of my primary school.  Since then I have had solo and group art exhibitions, won art awards, done multiple charity event fundraisers and made paintings for published books. I enjoy subtly challenging viewers thoughts about everyday things.  My art appears simple at first glance but there is a lot involved in behind the creation – lots of research and study, thinking and trialing.  I like my work to have a balance of great skill, freshness of ideas while appearing effortless to paint.  I need my art to give something back to the viewer and provide them with a good feeling and hopefully a smile.”

From your friends at Creative & Brave x


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