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October 01, 2020 2 min read

Ko maru kai atu
Ko maru kai mai ka ngohengohe
give as well as take and all is well
Tena koutou katoa
ko ngati porou te iwi
ko manutahi te maunga
ko mangahanea te awa
ko horouta te waka
ko mangahanea te marae
ko richard sydney butterworth toku papa
ko libya gazala milner toku mama
ko richard francis butterworth toku ingoa
nga mihi nui ki a koutou

Surround yourself with what you love... “We hope to inspire and uplift through our work. Passing inspiration and beauty from one person to another.” Richie and Adele have been with us here at Creative and Brave for years now and we adore them! Their positive philosophies and attention to detail are evident in their beautiful hand made pieces. They believe that we can all make positive changes to the world by the choices we make every day. Borrowed Earth are committed to creating handmade ceramics with character that, over time, will become treasured family pieces. The creative duo work full time from their beautiful waterside studio in Whangaparoa. “We take pride in creating new ways to share our unique view of the world, honoring our Maori, Pacific and English heritage.”

Borrowed Earth started here in Aotearoa in the 1990’s during one of our biggest creative booms. Adele was between jobs when her Mother taught her how to pot. Her Father also caught onto her talents giving up his treasured garage so Adele could stretch her wings and develop her own potting studio. Then the legendary Richie joined Adele and together they have created one of our most distinctive and sought after ranges of ceramics, the whakatauki range. “We hope to inspire and uplift through our work. Passing inspiration and beauty from one person to another. Building a future based on balance, understanding, awareness and thoughtful consumption”. Adele and Richie truly believe what they preach and follow a lifestyle that honours animal life through their plant based diet and also through their decisions to never use animal based or sourced materials in construction of their creations. Their zen ex-bach home sits above a miniature native forest which they planted and nurtured themselves. The leaves of which feature on the pressed whakatauki bowls.