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March 07, 2022 2 min read

Happy International Women’s Day!! A day to celebrate one and all, we have the absolute privilege of working with an extensive range of beautiful female creatives here at Creative & Brave. Ranging from wall art to jewellery, the women behind some of our amazing store products ooze creativity & passion which constantly inspires us to follow our dreams and make the most of everyday!

We thought the best way to celebrate this day would be to do so with these wonderful artists! Enjoy this behind the scenes look into the minds of some of our valued teachers, artists & friends.

Tania Mallow- Tania Mallow Jewellery
Tania has been creating small things from a young age, resulting in professional work today that is inspired by shapes, textures and patterns-particularly those found in nature. Tania’s work is made using high quality silver and copper. All of her pieces are homemade in her East Auckland studio. 

What has surprised you the most so far on your creative journey?

How things start to happen quite organically once you have taken the first step. So many opportunities have presented themselves to me along the way without actively seeking them out.

Who inspired you to fulfil your creative journey- what was your initial inspiring moment?

I was inspired by many of the incredibly talented and creative people I worked with and alongside during my time at C&B so it's difficult to single one out! An initial inspiring moment was when I attended a General Collective Lifestyle & Design market in 2018 where I spoke with some of the stallholders and thought to myself, “I could see myself doing this.”

What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your journey thus far and how have you overcome them?

Juggling the many tasks involved in being self employed, time management, staying focused and motivated especially during the recent covid lock downs. Fortunately I am quite self disciplined and once I set myself a goal or intention I just get on with it, often forgetting to allow myself breaks (I'm a tough boss)!

What advice would you give to budding young creatives?

Things will almost always change and evolve along your journey in ways you cannot predict. Be open to trying out new things, listen to advice and criticism. Don't be too hard on yourself if things don't turn out how you had hoped, it's all part of the process. Most of all believe in yourself and your creative strengths and go for it!

In light of International Women’s Day, what female creative has inspired you to follow or carry out this passion, or maybe inspired some of the work you have created?

Adele Robinson of Borrowed Earth- with her wholesome lifestyle surrounded by bush, native birds and her pet chickens and cats!