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March 08, 2022 2 min read

Karla Stevenson - Monster Ceramics

Started between her friends, the Monster Company is now crafted by Karla Stevenson. Her work is created in a cosy studio based in the small west coast town of Raglan. Committed to being true to her creativity, Karla is always coming up with new exciting pieces, and tweaking and improving on her more familiar works.

Who inspired you to fulfil your creative journey- what was your initial inspiring moment?

Going straight from school into a sculpture degree and having tutors who were also practising artists was fab, it really made it not just normal but attainable to make a living from making stuff.


What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your journey thus far and how have you overcome them?

Clay always keeps me on my toes, it’s certainly it’s own mistress and just when things are going smoothly, we get a raw material change or colour change in the stain or new cracks in new places!! I've learnt to just roll with it and usually things turn out better than they were before.


What advice would you give to budding young creatives?

It's good to have yourself a bread and butter line when starting out as it gives you a confidence boost when things sell and dollars to get more supplies.


In light of International Women’s Day, what female creative has inspired you to follow or carry out this passion, or maybe inspired some of the work you have created?

My sister from another mister Hayley Hamilton, she is the most creative person I know and her talent is actually mind boggling. Watching that lady work on a masterpiece while just chatting is something I will never get sick of.