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Metal Bird - Kōkako, Regular

The South Island Kōkako is extinct but thanks to predator-controlled areas, the North Island bird, with its extraordinary haunting call, lives on. If you're lucky enough to catch it in action, you’ll see it wearing a black burgler’s mask and rich blue wattles, and, not being crash-hot fliers, mostly bounding along branches on powerful legs. They make up for their fairly average flying abilities with complex singing, including the longest known duetting of any songbird in the world. We reckon Kōkako deserves a special place at your place.

Made from 3mm Corten® steel, and designed to rust and change with the seasons, Your Metalbird Kereru is as robust as its real-life inspiration – Size: 20x32cm


Metal Bird

Metalbird is the brainchild of Phil Walters, an industrial designer and lover of street art and New Zealand’s native flora and fauna.

His handcrafted artworks bring together his passions: the tough, 3mm Corten® steel and stencil design, a nod to his urban art roots. The birds are inspired by the mysterious, satirical street artist Banksy – the stencils look as if street art has turned 3D.

Metalbird started as a guerrilla street art project. All over New Zealand’s North Island, more than 40 life-sized, Metalbird stencils appeared. In parks, in fences and on power poles – anywhere you’d least expect. And people loved them.

"Our designs represent some of New Zealand’s most precious birdlife. Art isn’t just something you see on a gallery wall – it can be the way the light shines through a coloured window or the splash of spray-paint on a city overpass. Art can be something you see, hear, taste or touch. But most of all, it’s something you experience – bringing with it memories and emotions"