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Metal Bird - Kiwi

The kiwi has cat-like whiskers, hair-like plummage, nose-like nostrils and legs so powerful it can run at human-like speed! Incredible they are, but sadly not invincible – around 90% of kiwi chicks in the wild die, mostly killed by stoats and cats. Enter the other kind of amazing kiwi – ordinary, everyday human kiwis are actively protecting an area of 230,000 hectares to help prevent our national icon from becoming extinct – about the same size of the land area protected by DOC. Go the kiwis for the kiwi! We think the Metalbird kiwi will be a proud addition to any backyard.

This Kiwi measures approx. 35x38cm. Made from 3mm Corten® steel, and designed to rust into a beautiful patina.

Metalbird, Auckland

Metalbird is the brainchild of Phil Walters, an industrial designer and lover of street art and New Zealand’s native flora and fauna. Metalbird started as a guerrilla street art project, all over New Zealand’s North Island, Metalbird stencils appeared. In parks, in fences and on power poles.

His handcrafted artworks bring together his passions: the tough, 3mm Corten® steel and stencil design, a nod to his urban art roots. "Our designs represent some of New Zealand’s most precious birdlife. Art isn’t just something you see on a gallery wall – it can be the way the light shines through a coloured window or the splash of spray-paint on a city overpass."