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"Kōtuku" A3 Print - Steven Hikaiti

The Kotuku are a sacred bird in Maori culture, because of their graceful beauty and rarity (in Aotearoa). It is said that the Kotuku is an inhabitant of the nether world, the spirit world.  

Measurements: A3 Print - 41 x 29 cm
Media: Fine Art Print, 100% archival cotton paper, UV Light Fast Inks

Steven Hitaiki 

Steven Hitaiki had artistic talent from a young age, but at school it landed him in trouble. “I used to get kicked out because I’d be drawing in the books and on the desk - my mind wouldn’t be with the class, it’d be outside the window, daydreaming, creating things in my mind. It was my own safe place” Steven is an exceptionally talented Pointillism artist, and his skills are completely self-taught. His journey began in 1987, while incarcerated Steven had an experience in which he saw a face appear with full Moko and approach him with a hongi - passing of the breath of life. Afterwards, he constantly saw the vision, until he tried drawing what he saw. Steven’s art is a symbol of new beginnings, turning his past life into a story of victory and we are so pleased to be able to share it!