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Bottle Opening Sunglasses Titanium Green Lens

Authentic Moana Road Bottle Opening Sunglasses, Made from Titanium.

Use the sunnies arm to open bottles.

These are Super Light, Super Strong and made from the same metal as aeroplanes!

There’s two essentials in Summer, looking trendy and being able to crack open a brew at your convenience, and the Moana Road Bottle Opening Sunnies with brown lenses solve both those conundrums.

Made from titanium aeroplane metal these sturdy sunnies will pop open a bottle – no sweat!

Moana Road 

Moana Rd is a New Zealand brand that embodies quintessential kiwi life, founded by Paul Ballentyne in 2008 initially to produce prints of his photography. 

From this he launched into the NZ giftware scene with fun, affordable and nostalgic products. From old school satchels to trendy sunnies, Paul and his team have got kiwiana meets functional design on point.