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Tui Earrings - S.Silver

A stunning little pair of Tuis to hang from your ears.

Tui are native birds known for their distinctive white throat tuft (poi), they have a complex variety of songs and calls, even the ability to imitate human speech. 


Metal: Sterling silver.

Measurement: Frame 18 mm x 23 mm.

Finish: Polished.

Winter in July by MJ Paik 

MJ was born and raised in South Korea, and her birthday in July was always in the middle of summer, thus ‘Winter in July’ was born from the biggest change in her life - moving to Aotearoa, and celebrating her birthday in winter! She studied fine art and design in South Korea, and during her studies she travelled to New Zealand - quickly falling in love with the beautiful landscapes and lifestyle. And it wasn’t long she booked another ticket and ended up staying. After completing training at Peter Minturn Goldsmith School in Auckland, she continued to develop her skills, and now each piece of Winter in July jewellery is designed from scratch and totally handcrafted in her Auckland studio, where MJ strives to create beautiful pieces that bring joy to the wearer.