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February 13, 2018 3 min read

It all started when.....we knew there was a stray cat mooching around our house because of the terrible wailing cat noises emanating around ( it was like a horror movie!) But we couldn't find a cat no matter how hard we looked. After about two weeks of this noise Mr Chow had clearly cased us out and he decided to show his handsome face!  It took him a few more weeks of appearing here and there before we were able to get a good look at him. 

I started leaving food for him every time he came around which increased as time went on.  He was clearly a stray boy with all his bits and looked as though he had been on the street for a while, but oh so handsome in his bad boy way!  Slowly I gained trust by picking him up for short moments before he had something to eat. This went on for quite some time but I knew I had finally passed his test and was worthy of his love the day he sprayed me! The newest member of Mr Chow’s pack had been marked.

Back then he didn't come inside the studio or house and instead chose to hang out on an old couch on the deck. Rich and I decided that if we could catch him we would take him to the vets to get him desexed, even though it could mean breaking our trust. We really hoped he would stay on with us and our other three cats, however if he left at least he couldn't get any more lady cats into trouble! (we are sure there are a few little Chows out there!)  So we snuck up on him one day and off to the vets he went…the rest is history.....

After the operation Mr Chow really settled in and soon began learning the business of ceramics! It wasn't until we moved to Whangaparaoa that he really took charge. Making ceramic art is just one of his natural talents, he is also head of security around here and is often called the policeman as nothing gets past him. He has had his share of fights (one of his signature moves was biting the tails of other kitty cats) and many of those fights turned into trips to the vet …thank goodness for the credit card, but who doesn't love a bad boy with a few well placed scars?

More recently Mr Chow has found a best friend in Cam a ginger rescue cat from next door. They are never far apart but Chow is the boss! If it were up to Chow aka the policeman aka Mr Buns aka big Tiger he would be working in the ceramics studio every day every hour, that’s how dedicated he is to the cause. He really is the brains of the whole operation and as long as the studio door is open he and his buddy Cam will be found inside working away. Mr Chows favourite places are on his Dads table doing quality control (and scoring a few man kisses!) or in his office doing important paper work like snoozing in his box of shredded paper.

These days he is a little older and wiser and does enjoy more cuddles and a comfy bed with a selection of munchies always at hand, but he can still turn into a big Tiger if you do something that displeases him, yip you will feel the pain!  

Our boy certainly would have some stories to tell, many I am sure we wouldn't want to hear! I think some of his personal philosophies would be to work hard, play hard and find a life that you never want to take a vacation from.  Never settle and find your true bliss!  

We love our boy!! Xx Adele.

++Adele Robinson is Mr Chows mum and a full time maker at Borrowed Earth ceramics along with her husband Rich. Rich and Adele have been with us here at Texan Art Schools for years now and we adore them! Their positive philosophies and attention to detail are evident in their beautiful hand made pieces. They believe that we can all make positive changes to the world by the choices we make every day. 

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