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Wonder Candle Medium

Introducing our premium candle/diffuser range hand made here in beautiful New Zealand. The Becca Project is a gorgeous story of friendship and the desire to create truly delicious scents to enrich our everyday lives. All Becca Project goodies are made from natural ingredients and the fragrances are derived from 100% essential oils, yum! Exceptionally presented in a lovely hand folded box featuring the Becca Project story, care instructions and ingredient list.

Candles Small: 250ml Essential Oil Coconut/Soy Candle

Weight 280g


Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, Lime, Geranium, Patchouli, Rose Otto and Basil

​​​​​​​This restorative Wonder blend is a beautiful awakener that will help you rise and shine.Mixing the healing qualities of rose otto, ylang ylang and geranium with the mood enhancing benefits of sweet orange and a refreshing mix of lime and basil, it’s the perfect way to feel grateful and alive.

Behind the Becca Project, by two friends Carlie and Rebecca based in Auckland, New Zealand.

“Brought together by the close friendship of our children, we are two close friends who, over many glasses of wine, have shared the frustrations of busy modern living.

Having suffered chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease and low iron, we’ve both spent time exploring all sorts of natural remedies, with varying degrees of success.

​In recent years, together we’ve delved deep into the world of essential oils, and have learnt a lot. We’ve studied all about the remarkable ways that essential oils can benefit our health, and we understand how enjoying beautiful and authentic scents really does wonders for your wellbeing.

But what we have also learnt is that some essential oils smell like cat pee, and that it’s hard to find essential oil-based products that feel modern, are accessible, and which smell amazing.

So we took the best of what we’ve learnt and made something we love … essential oil based products that help make modern busy lives just that little bit nicer.

Our aim is to give others the opportunity to appreciate the emotional and mental benefits that come from essential oils - without unnecessarily falling down a slightly cosmic rabbit hole.”