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Robin Earrings

In the collection, Birdland, Boh designs some of the incredible birds we find here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Boh describes her fondness for the spectacular Black Robin, "Once upon a time there were only 5 little Black Robins left in the world. Through dedicated conservation efforts, the Black Robin has had a miraculous comeback. From one female Black Robin called Old Blue, we are lucky to still have these birds in our incredible Birdland."

"Aotearoa. New Zealand. An island remote from much of the world. Unique in our flora and fauna. This is a Birdland. I designed these charms as a tribute to the creatures that I love. Take them with you wherever you go."

Measurements (Approx): 
Robin Size: 8mm H x 11mm W
Total Length w/ Hook: 30mm
Metal: 925 Silver

Boh Runga 

Boh Runga is a dynamic creative force. Armed with a guitar, a sketchbook and a head full of ideas, Boh's creations flow from the stage to the streets. Boh has been a household name for her incredible contribution to New Zealand’s pop music scene since the early 90’s. She achieved two milestones in 2009 - releasing her first solo album, ‘Right Here’, and releasing her very first Boh Runga Jewellery collection, ‘Birdland’. In 2012, she was back in the studio writing new music, this time in an all girl group with Anika Moa & Hollie Smith. Nowadays, you’ll find Boh designing jewellery and coming up with ideas for creative collaborations, or “Bohlaborations” as she likes to call them.