This sign, authorised by the Department of Exaggeration, is here to tell you that a Man Cave is a private entrance, with features such as couches, tools, TVs, a lot of Z's, and a very large speaker. 

This is such a perfect gift for any man who possesses a Man Cave, or any equivalent space. 



Wooden sign with hang tag on back.

Made in New Zealand using plantation grown timber cut from sustainable forests.

This A5 sign measures 21cm long and 14cm wide. 


Glenn Jones

We are in awe of Glenn Jones' ability to imagine and then create art prints on practically a daily basis! Ideas seem to come naturally and he has a real talent for re-packaging the familiar in delightful and surprising ways. Glenn Jones Art is a growing collection of art prints by Glenn Jones from Auckland, New Zealand. They are a family business, Glenn creates the artwork, Julia takes care of the business and their kids help provide lots of inspiration. Glenn Jones Art is an exploration of different styles & ideas but all with the aim of putting a smile on people’s faces.