PORCELAIN VOTIVE- Blue and White Manuka, 8cm, no glaze

Jo Luping Design - Blue Manuka On White - Porcelain Votives - 8cm x 8cm

This piece comes beautifully boxed and includes and artist info card about Jo Luping and her inspired range of porcelain. 

Blue and White Manuka- Inspiration

“My Mum is and inspirational traveller and wherever in the world she goes she collects a piece of blue and white porcelain. Inspired by this I have decided to develop a series especially for her. This collection features the Manuka flower and the copper butterfly- each indigenous to New Zealand. The pattern of leaves and flowers create a delicate lave motif.”

Jo Luping- Jo Luping Design


Jo Luping Design produces art pieces such as ceramics, prints and art lanterns. Her pieces possess unique and endearing characteristics and also reflect the natural environment that we live in drawing Inspiration from the land and sea. She believes New Zealand is a one-off, an original and these are qualities that have been incorporated into her approach to making art. Her Wellington studio environment is based on family with a supportive and collaborative ethos. And at the same time has well-established exacting standards. “We want people to see in our pieces things that we believe in – the importance of sustainability and openness; the way heart and mind play a part in everything we do.”