9.5 x 6 cm ceramic Tui art tile in black glaze.

Designed to be hung on interior/exterior walls, with a u-shaped wire hook on the back. This tile comes in a little woven bag, with a card explaining the significance of the design. Handcrafted in NZ.


Jenz Studio

Jenz Studio are based in Te Puna, Tauranga. Its lovely sunny location, near the Waikaraka estuary, provides a wonderful source of inspiration for design. Therefore her ceramics feature New Zealand plants, indigenous art, landscapes and seascapes, and are designed to reflect the natural beauty of our country. A lot of care goes into hand-crafting each piece, and they're all slightly different depending on the glazer. Her ceramics are designed to be hung on interior/exterior walls, used in mosaic work, or adhered to pots and garden structures.