Star Cluster Earrings, Exclusive

We love to celebrate Matariki and what better way to honor this special star cluster than with a unique and beautifully crafted piece of jewellery. We were thrilled when our incredibly popular jeweller Del Winter chose to come on board, we knew she would think up something very special. Del’s Matarki range has exceeded our expectations! Her signature contemporary shapes are pierced with tiny stars, flecks and finished with star charms. We know these pieces will be worn day after day and treasured for years to come.

Love Winter is a boutique jewellery business based in Auckland, and Del Winter is the fantastically talented jeweller behind the brand. Del's natural talent for design can be seen in the considered lines and balanced shapes of each piece she creates. 
Born out of a desire to create pretty pieces for everyday wear, Del Winter set up a studio at home to do just that. With a background in graphic design and music, creativity is what drives her to turn her passion for the arts into a creative business. 
We are thrilled to stock her gorgeous jewellery and get excited every time she adds to her range!


- 2cm in diameter