Wikitoria Floribunda Soap

Hand crafted soap with packaging designed by Wolfkamp and Stone

This luxury, triple milled soap is made of pure vegetable palm oil and is enriched with moisturizing shea butter and manuka honey.

Scent: Natural Lemongrass

Size: 95 mm x 55 mm x 35 mm

Wolfkamp and Stone

Tanya Wolfkamp and Henri Stone are two talented (mostly New Zealand based) artists who Share a common passion for the life and works of William Morris. In 2012 they began a collaboration which has jointly produced some of the most delightful products we have seen. Their gardening calendar is an example of a much loved product which people buy year after year. Like William Morris they believe every object deserves equal consideration however humble and everybody should be able to own beautiful things regardless of their budget. While Tanya works daily at her Waiheke Island studio, Henri is a more restless soul flitting constantly between Auckland and Melbourne. A magpie unable to resist shiny things, Henri keeps a dog-eared notebook handy and populates it with cheerful characters in colourful micro-habitats.