SMALL PLATE- Hand Painted Pohutukawa, Exclusive

We are thrilled to present you with this beautiful range made exclusively for us by Jenny Watt. We love this little addition, measuring 15cm x 15cm  x 3cm its the perfect size for small treats, or even storing your jewellery on a bed side table.

Earthenware platter which can go in the dishwasher but is best washed by hand, it'll last longer that way. Avoid microwave use. Comes in a natural cotton bag. Handcrafted in NZ.

Jenny Watt is the amazing lady behind JS Ceramics. Located in Te Puna, Tauranga Jen and her team of talented individuals work hard to create her unique range of ceramics.  Te Puna is a lovely sunny spot near the Waikaraka estuary inlet, bordered by lots of little orchards. It is an ideal place for a studio – it’s really peaceful and completely condusive to the creative process of making the ceramics. Design and colour inspiration comes from natural New Zealand - flora & fauna and land/seascapes, along with influences from the greater Pacific region. In addition to their original Jenz Studio hand crafted art tiles, Tom and Jen now design and source other special ceramic home wares that they can’t make themselves. The new range is made overseas, and comes under their new (2013) brand George & Co.