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Small Poppy Wall Ornament

The red poppy or Flanders poppy was one of the first flowers to grow in the mud and soil of the First World War on the battlefields in Flanders, becoming the enduring symbol of remembrance worldwide.  It has become a powerful symbol of the impact war has had on our society here in New Zealand, and internationally.
We look at the poppy today in remembrance and in the hope of a peaceful future for all.
Lest we forget.



This poppy ornament measures approximately 7cm in length. However, as each piece is uniquely handmade, it may differ very slightly in size than the piece pictured. 


Borrowed Earth

Borrowed Earth started here in Aotearoa in the 1990’s during one of our biggest creative booms. Adele was between jobs when her mother taught her how to pot. Her father also caught onto her talents, giving up his treasured garage so Adele could stretch her wings and develop her own potting studio. Then the legendary Richie joined Adele and together they created one of our most distinctive and sought after ranges of ceramics. “We hope to inspire and uplift through our work. Passing inspiration and beauty from one person to another. Building a future based on balance, understanding, awareness and thoughtful consumption”. Adele and Richie truly believe what they preach and follow a lifestyle that honours animal life through their plant based diet and also through their decisions to never use animal based or sourced materials in construction of their creations. Their zen ex-bach home sits above a miniature native forest which they planted and nurtured themselves.