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'Shine' Incense - Pack of 4 Dhoops

Includes four hand-moulded Dhoops per box.

Shine is Fermata Incense Merchant's happy hippy, daydreamy patchouli, crystal-loaded dhoop.

Shine is loaded with flowers; calendula and chamomile and bathed in patchouli, with embedded citrine crystal chips that range in appearance from crystal clear to smokey yellow. 

Calendula: offers us an opportunity to stir any stagnated puddles in our lives.
Chamomile: used traditionally to release feelings of nervous tension, irritability and restlessness, this may help you feel calm and centred.
Patchouli: grounding and calming, patchouli is great for a scattered monkey mind.
Citrine: Useful in meditation to open the doors to inner thought, citrine may encourage a positive outlook and allows for spiritual and physical abundance to be carried forward, opening the higher mind to accept joy in one's life.


Fermata Incense Merchant 

Fermata takes its name from a musical term, meaning ‘A grand pause’ at your discretion - they believe it’s important to “create a moment of stillness in your day to reflect, meditate and daydream.” From their beautiful, sunlit base at Koputai in Port Chalmers, the team make everything by hand, from the incense cones to their unique packaging. At Fermata their beautiful incense is handmade with care - totally free from synthetic or artificial ingredients of any kind, and made using a variety of ingredients gathered from their own wildflower gardens! As Andrea - the artist behind the brand says: Sometimes it’s not enough to stop and smell the roses. You want to watch them burn. “Already, your incense represents a great deal of mindful time and care. It’s up to you to release it.”