SERVERS, Ultimate, set of 2

These utensils/boards are designed and handcrafted by Marc and Bernadette on the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand.

As an exploration geologist Marc fell in love with the ruggedness of the West Coast. The peacefulness of the environment inspires the simplicity in his work which he considers minimalist modern with a pacific influence. Over the first 40 years as a self taught wood worker his work has ranged from furniture to kitchen utensils with a continuous progression of original designs.

Timber is sourced from recycled waste, ancient buried logs or sustainably managed timer.

Rimu - Rimu is the genetic ancestral descendant of Dacrydium cupressinum whose fossil pollen grains have been traced back 70 million years. It is present in mature native forests of both North and South Islands forming the tall tree canopy  20-35m high (65-115ft). It is generally 1-1.5m (3-5ft) in diameter at its base and recognised by its weeping foliage. Rimu heartwood is one of the world’s most beautifully grained timbers.


340mm long