Kina Ring

These small spiny creatures are endemic to the coastlines of New Zealand. The bright orange roe of kina is a delicacy, and considered a Taonga by many Maori.

Four sterling silver Kina of various sizes huddle together on an adjustable sterling silver band.  The ring is set at an average diameter of 16.5mm, and can be adjusted in or out.  Band thickness is 2mm. 

Please note that although the ring is robust, and can be adjusted to fit most fingers, care must be taken not to bend the band to extremes, or too often, as this may result in form being lost, and/or the band breaking.  It's best to adjust the ring once or twice only to comfortably fit your finger.

Lily Griffin

Nicki Cliff is the creative force behind Lily Griffin Jewellery. “I’ve been very lucky to have a wonderful upbringing in New Zealand, and I’ve loved taking a fresh look at our country’s natural diversity to find inspiration for my New Zealand Natives Range.” Lily Griffin jewellery is designed and handcrafted by Nicki in her tiny studio at home in Auckland, around working part time and looking after her energetic and expressive children, Lily and Griffin. Incredibly Nicki is a self taught jeweller. She models designs in fine silver and then casts them in sterling silver, adding touches of colour to some pieces with porcelain paint. We love her pieces for their delicate beauty and the fact that every piece is painstakingly handmade, her attention to detail is evident in each petal and every tiny brush stroke.