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'Reset' Incense - Pack of 4 Dhoops

Includes four hand-moulded Dhoops per box

Reset. Clean slate. Clear the air. Eucalyptus and Macrocarpa. Campfire cool.

Eucalyptus - helps refresh and clear the mind, ideal for aiding concentration and focus. It can also help cool heated emotions and balance extreme moods.

Lay the blunt force trauma of your day to one side. Sheathe your sharpest implements, to out the elephant in the room with tact and grace. Quench the sparks in the air after a heated ‘discussion’. Fermata Incense Merchant's Campfire cool dhoop harnesses cineole, the pungent, spicy, cooling ether found in eucalyptus. We have blended makko with Koputai-grown eucalyptus leaves and macrocarpa needles for a bright, pure scent. Think ‘outdoor fire’. Not the ones you call the council about when Jaxynn next door is burning tyres again. The cosy one you sit around with friends. The one that draws you in to stare, just stare, lost in thought. Go on, take a moment, wave the white flag and call a truce to the world, while you watch your campfire burn.


Fermata Incense Merchant

Fermata takes its name from a musical term, meaning ‘A grand pause’ at your discretion - they believe it’s important to “create a moment of stillness in your day to reflect, meditate and daydream.” From their beautiful, sunlit base at Koputai in Port Chalmers, the team make everything by hand, from the incense cones to their unique packaging. At Fermata their beautiful incense is handmade with care - totally free from synthetic or artificial ingredients of any kind, and made using a variety of ingredients gathered from their own wildflower gardens! As Andrea - the artist behind the brand says: Sometimes it’s not enough to stop and smell the roses. You want to watch them burn. “Already, your incense represents a great deal of mindful time and care. It’s up to you to release it.