Bamboo Plate, Kakabeak

Beautiful plate made from bamboo with striking New Zealand themed decal designed by Tanya Wolfkamp. 
Plate size 230mm diameter 
Do not microwave. 
Dishwasher safe up to 70⁰C 
Designed in New Zealand Made in China

Kakabeak (Ngutukākā) is a plant of special significance to New Zealand. There are two species, both seriously threatened with extinction in the wild: Clianthus puniceus and Clianthus maximus. Its conservation status is Nationally Critical and is found only in New Zealand, with its closet relative in Australia. Kakabeak was noted as being uncommon in the wild as early as the beginning of last century. Introduced plants, such as Mexican daisy, gorse and buddleia, which compete for habitat, also threaten its survival as they like to live in similar sites.