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Petite Leaf Necklace - Bronze

A timeless detailed necklace, skillfully embossed in bronze with a skeleton leaf impression. Finished with a Sterling silver chain and clasp.

One of Tania’s most popular and enduring designs is that of her embossed skeleton leaf. Incredibly the real skeleton leaf is skillfully pressed into heated metal creating these one of a kind impressions. Every single impression is as unique as the very multitude of leaves on the planet. 

“Nature has given us this perfect shape for use in jewellery. Simple and timeless.”

This leaf necklace is a very comfortable weight and sits flat to the chest. 

Bronze is extremely durable and can hold up well over time, despite daily wear. It is a lovely metal with warm tones and can be easily polished using a polishing cloth or specialized bronze polish. 

Material: Bronze and Sterling silver

Measurements: Approx. 25mm x 12mm x 1mm

Chain: 45cm Sterling silver  


Tania Mallow

“I love it when I put the final finishing touches to a piece of jewellery such as the final polish. Seeing a piece come to fruition from an idea scribbled on a scrap of paper to forming it and finishing it is a really cool process”

Tania Mallow has had a passion for jewellery ever since the age of nine and set up her own jewellery business back in 2006. Prior to this she worked at Howick Village Jewellers where she learnt traditional jewellery making skills. Tania works out of her home studio situated in Beachlands, Auckland where each piece of jewellery is carefully handcrafted to perfection. Her work is particularly inspired by the shapes and textures of New Zealand nature and she introduces these elements into each of her designs.   

“I actually love the challenge of productivity! Its really cool to see all my creations lined up at the end of a hard days work at the bench (and coffee is good too!) My biggest challenges with sustaining a creative practice have been juggling the marketing, accounts, design and production in a limited time frame alongside full time work. Knowing that people are out there in the world wearing my jewellery is amazing and very humbling! It gives me such a buzz when I meet a random stranger and notice that they are wearing one of my creations, blows me away every time”